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Ooops! Did I do that?

March 19, 2009
Speaker that rocks!

Speaker that rocks!

I’m new to this blogging thingy so if you see seventeen posts with the same stuff – have mercy on me for I know not what I do.

That said I’ll keep on trying. Passion and persistance are keys to success. That’s exactly what I say in my keynotes as a motivational speaker and that’s exactly what I’ll do. If you’re feeling a little discouraged in today’s economy remember the ones who suceed are always the ones who hang in there…keep the faith, polish your patience and practice gratitude. You’ll see. It pays off big time in no time!


G’Day America!

March 13, 2009

This Aussie just came from a fashion show and brunch at Saks Fifth Avenue in Houston attended by a baby boomer crowd of movers and shakers. Elegant setting, delicious food, nice people and clothes that no one with hips over 20 could get into. Not to mention you need to cash in whatever is left from your 201K to pay for it. What is it with these designers? Have they  taken a stroll down Main Street USA to see that MOST women are not anorexic looking bean poles? Nearly every dress modeled today was  really REALLY short and skin tight. Nearly every woman there could only fit their right leg into any one  outfit. And I’m not talking anything huge here…..most of us were between a size 8 – 12.  So again I ask, whazzup with these designers? Who buys this stuff? Who sent the memo that we’re all supposed to look like an asparagus on legs? If there is anyone in the fashion industry reading this I’d love to hear your input. In the meantime it’s back to eating carrot sticks for me…NOT!