Casual Fridays or Careless Attitudes?

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

If you’re working in an office and reading this I’d be very interested to hear your comments…

Do you observe casual Fridays? What do you wear? If you’re a man you may wear a polo shirt and slacks. If you’re a woman you might choose a blouse and pants, right? Let me ask you some thing: What you would wear if you had a hot date? (Bear in mind Brad Pitt is taken). While we’re at it – what would you wear if you were  going out to dinner with friends or just your spouse? 

I’ve been playing the piano in restaurants around Houston for twenty something years and I am constantly appalled at how people show up for dinner at fine dining establishments. It makes me wonder about their lives…how do they dress for work? What do their homes look like? Why is it that some people think shorts are appropriate for any occasion? Do they not know any better?

It seems corporate America has loosened up to the point where every day is casual Friday. Walking into the bank last week I noticed no one in a  jacket much less a tie and while it makes sense in the hot humid heat of a Houston summer I wonder what’s happened to the professional image these days.

As a self employed speaker and musician, I’m absolutely positive I would never have been afforded so many extraordinary opportunities without creating a favorable first impression. Like it or not, what we wear says alot about we think. What do YOU think?


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