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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

June 10, 2009

Are you all a-Twitter about social media networking? Are you Linked In to the world and wondering why? Me too.

As a self employed motivational speaker/emcee/entertainer I’m supposed to stay current with the trends so I can sound hip in on stage. But I have to admit I’m still scratching my head about all the buzz around this use of technology. This morning I heard that Barbara Walters has 250,000 followers on Twitter.  I have twelve. Guess I need to get on national TV for twenty years to enlarge my Twibe so they can hear what I had for lunch.

Or maybe I’ll just use my next emcee gig to get followers fascinated about my life in the spotlight…….you never know, it could be the next Big Twend.

Twittering on stage

Twittering on stage