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Change is Good….really!

July 14, 2009
Who says pigs can't fly?
Who says pigs can’t fly?

We’ve all heard at least one person say: “Sure, I’ll start doing that. When pigs fly and h… freezes over.” Was it you?  What was it you didn’t want to change?

In this current economic climate we’re finding change is not just a political campaign slogan – it’s become an everyday reality for lots of people. Here in Houston I’ve noticed alot more out of town license plates on the roads. Talking to sales people in stores I discover they’ve just moved here from Michigan or California and other states less fortunate.
The truth is most of us don’t like change. We’re afraid of the unknown. We want to be in control and yet we’d like to see some positive changes in our lives. Sound familiar? I recently heard a fellow speaker say something simple but profound: “If you want change – change what you do”.
So I did.
The first thing I did different was to join a Jazzercise class. Picture this: Sixty people of all shapes ‘n’ sizes in a large gym dancing  in perfect sync to the latest hit song led by a perky Barbie doll instructor that has more stamina than the energizer bunny. And then there was me – a five foot nine red head totally out of sync with everyone, dripping wet, puffing and panting, so NOT cute, wondering “What was I thinking?”
The next thing I did different was to begin research for a new speech. This requires reading current books and magazines every day to spark fresh ideas. Dusting off the cobwebs of my mind, I’m finding excitement and inspiration learning new things with a sense of positive anticipation. Kinda sorta like expecting miracles…
The third step I took was to make a point of going to one event per week to network and meet new people. Ranging from wine tastings to business breakfasts (up at 4:30 a.m. aaaargh!) my circle of professional acqaintances has widened considerably. More importantly, more people know who I am. (First rule of sucessful marketing).
All this has totally changed the daily routine that I was very comfortable in up until I lost half my steady income two months ago due to the economy.
(This too shall pass).
My energy level is at a peak as my new body begins to take shape…I can feel the thrill of slipping into skirts I used to sque-e-e-eze into even though I so will NOT be auditioning for Dancing With the Stars any time soon.
My new speech on Change has a wider market now that it’s current and more flexible (much like my new body!)
Personal networking has resulted in two new speaking clients in just two weeks. Not bad.
Change is good. It opens up whole new worlds of possibilities…….like flying pigs.