You Are What You Write

Are you Linked Up to here and Twittered out to there? Do you have your best mug shot on Face Book? In today’s high tech world of texting, tweeting and emails there are more communications but less personal contact. This translates into a greater risk of being misunderstood with the written word.

Check your emails before you click send. What kind of tone comes across? Does it sound warm and friendly, polite and professional? Remember people do business with people they like. Would YOU want to do business with you? When you post something on one of the social media sites it’s up there for the world to see. Be extremely careful what you write because you can make or break your own image in an instant!

For example: I am about to de-friend someone on Face Book because he is constantly writing about his political views using crass and profane language. He is someone I could do business with but that is SO not going to happen now because I have a whole new perception of him. He has unknowingly missed a lucrative opportunity because of his written word. (Surely being digitally dumped is the new low?)

People’s perception of us will be reality for them. How do people perceive you? We will believe whatever you say about you. And we will believe whatever you write about you. Use caution with whatever you write after the words “I am”. Those two little words are extremely powerful. One day I jokingly posted on Twitter: “I am a SO a Diva after yesterday’s standing ovation at the NAPM conference!” Suddenly I had 2,000 followers in my Twibe. I have no clue what to do with them – BUT – I have 2,000 peeps that think I’m a Diva. Woo Hoo!

Words are a powerful tool that can create or destroy your image. Tweet them wisely and you too can have your very own Twibe.

Talking to my Twibe

Talking to my Twibe


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