Got Attitude? You Bet!



Speaking of Attitude

Speaking of Attitude

How many times do we have to hear it before we get it? Attitude is everything. A positive attitude is essential to success blah, blah, blah.


Attitude impacts your life regardless of who you are. Someone asked Donald Trump if he woke up broke tomorrow what would he do.  His answer: “I would realize there are still opportunities out there and make a plan.” Now that’s a Can Do attitude. People with Can Do attitudes are the ones who succeed in whatever they do. It all begins in the mind…

Recently a speaker colleague invited me to go to a Jazzercise class. Although I’ve exercised for many years I’d never been to an actual class. Working out to music with a professional instructor appealed to me especially since I’ve been in the music biz for 20+ years. This should be a cake walk I thought.


Ten minutes into the class of 57 women ranging in age from Gen X to Baby Boomers, I was a five foot nine dripping wet breathless blob. The fitness instructor was Barbie on steroids, the music was noise I’d never heard of and when everyone was going left I was going right. Frustration Thy name is Jazzercise! Where was the fun? What happened to the cake walk for this professional musician? Puff, puff.

Lesson #1: Decide to commit.

The second class was not any better. Nor was the third or fourth but I kept at it. I reminded myself that anything worth having was worth working for. Good health, abundant energy and a slim body are important goals. Puff, puff.

Lesson #2: Don’t give up.

Three months later I’m still skipping left when everyone is skipping right. So what’s changed? My attitude. As I look around the class I see people that have been Jazzercising for years who are no better at it than I am and others half my age who can’t keep up with my new energy level.

Lesson #3: Success begins in small steps and ends in mastery.

What do YOU want to master? (Puff!)






One Response to “Got Attitude? You Bet!”

  1. Marti Pattinson Says:

    Great post Diva of all Diva’s! I can just see you now… Puff, puff! I am a child of the “I Think I Can” generation. If you think you can then you can! Positive attitude would include that thought! So just do it!

    I so regret I will not be able to catch GLENNIE SCOTT & THERESA BEHENNA in PUTTIN’ ON THE GLITZ! What a night to remember I am so sure it will be…

    Chao baby!
    MartiP Makes Real Estate Moves Happen…

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