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Peak Performance:The New Norm

January 21, 2010


Performance Expert

In today’s economy and competitive workforce there is no room for mediocre skills.

Gen X & Gen Y are competing for the same jobs as baby boomers. Gen X & Gen Y bring all kinds of digital know- how to the job table. Baby boomers bring years of experience. The younger generations have no clue how to communicate  with people (it’s text, Twitter or nothing). Baby boomers are behind the curve when it comes to technology thingies (whatsa widget doo hickey?)

So who gets the job? Sadly, many times it’s the youth. I say sadly because a lot of my baby boomer friends are extremely talented, experienced, highly educated, hard working, reliable, professionals that have been laid off in the past year and have yet to land a position. It’s heart wrenching to see them lose their homes and their self esteem at the same time.

But – take heart boomer buddies because there’s some good news out there! According to a recent survey by Boston College’s Sloan Center on Aging and Work it found 40 percent of companies still fear talent drain through retirement will hurt their performance over the next four years. More employers will either wise up fairly quickly or suffer serious consequences.

What can YOU do to stand out from the crowd? (apart from schmoozing potential employers with truck loads of cookies) Get tech savvy – take a free class on how to work the social media trend that’s here to stay. Find out where the networking events are in your area through LinkedIn and go discover what’s hot. Is there a certification that makes you more valuable? Can you learn a new skill that would bump your resume up to the top of the pile? 

To be a leader in your field is to be extraordinary. To be extraordinary your performance must excel.

Excellent performance is the new norm for tough times.

Take the first step to mastery and commit to be outside of ordinary.  Bravo! You’ve passed mediocrity and won $200.