Your Olympic Performance

Gold medal performanceAs the world’s eyes focus on the Vancouver Winter Olympics our minds are filled with hopes and aspirations of the athletes: the glory of victory, the agony of defeat, the dreams that are fulfilled or crushed in a matter of seconds, the years of training that bought them to this moment. Can you possibly imagine how it would feel to walk under your country’s flag out into an arena of sixty thousand people cheering for you?

No pressure there.

Maybe you don’t have an audience of thousands watching you. Maybe it’s just your boss, your customer, your employee or your co-workers. How would YOU rate your performance? Give yourself an A if you do your job, get along with everyone, never make waves, show up and leave on time. A stands for Average.

If you arrive a little early or leave a little late to complete a project, make suggestions to improve a company system, question a company policy or help a colleague meet a deadline, then give yourself an E. E stands for Extraordinary.

Before I had the honor of playing the piano at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, I had to prove to myself and the Coca Cola judges auditioning me that I was more than good enough to entertain their VIP clientele from around the world. It had taken over ten years to prove to myself I was a good pianist. It took ten seconds for Coca Cola to agree.

Point: if you want to be outside of ordinary in your field apply these three tools to make it happen:




 Ssshhh. Listen. Can you hear the roar of the crowd?


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