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America’s Got Talent – Use Yours!

September 14, 2010
Tuna Oddfellow

Image by shava23 via Flickr

Have you watched the TV show America’s Got Talent? It began with the usual assortment of singers and dancers all competing for the top prize of performing in Las Vegas plus $1 million cash. As each season progressed the show has evolved into an amazing variety of acts that have left the judges speechless – from a dare devil cyclist to a ten year old girl with the voice of a 30 year old opera singer,  from a defying gravity group of dancers/illusionists to a flaming pizza juggler, the show has produced some jaw dropping moments of sheer wonderment.  It raises the questions: How do they think this stuff up? Where do all those creative ideas come from? Which planet are they from?

Perhaps a better question is to ask yourself: How can I raise MY performance to the next level?

In this tough economy it’s essential to stand out from the crowd to create more value for your employer, your organization, your customers. How do you do that? I was speaking to a women’s group recently and one small business owner said she never makes her clients come to her office to collect new insurance policies or payments. She goes to them. Old fashioned ‘Mom & Pop’ service distinguishes her from all those large impersonal companies (when was the last time State Farm acted like a REAL neighbor to you?)

As a motivational speaker for conferences and meetings I’ve seen huge changes since 2008 when the markets crashed. The meetings,  travel and hospitality industries have taken a dive. Associations are struggling for attendees to register at events due to the economy and government scrutiny.  To help event planners boost attendance I now offer to assist with marketing through social media, I write free blogs & articles for their newsletter/website and add more value to my keynote  fees by providing piano entertainment for their VIP/welcome reception at conventions or emcee their awards night. It’s all about added value. It’s all about extraordinary performance and exceeding expectations to thrive in this recession.

What are YOU doing to raise the bar of your performance?

Tap into your talent. Go the extra mile. Cash in where others don’t go.

Want ideas? Try me.