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2011 Meetings that Motivate

February 14, 2011

Luv the men of IREM!

Associations have to hold meetings.

They need to attract new young members while at the same time  retaining seasoned members interests. 

How do you do that? How do you avoid snooze fests at meetings? Hand out Red Bull

The Institute of Real Estate Management in Houston  is a group that reeks success on a stick with over 600 members that makes it the largest chapter in the world. What’s their secret you ask? Executive Director Jo D Miller is a large part of it. She offers her membership all kinds of benefits outside the usual ho hum. Check them out:    

One thing Jo D does is to mix up meetings with motivational speakers in between the industry gurus that deliver great content but, let’s face it,  they’re a little dry. With the economic doom ‘n’ gloom of the past two years  audiences need to lighten up and laugh to boost their morale. Gen X & Y are easily bored if they’re not engaged during meetings so they tweet and text. Baby Boomers and Traditionalists have sat through a gazillion meetings – politely (even if they’re bored) The solution is motivation with a message to attract maximum registration and captivate attention with audience involvement (and THEN tweet about it!)

Knowing this about today’s changing speaking trends, it was an exciting challenge to address and engage attendees of IREM Houston last week. With four generations in the audience I was wondering if I would end up on the wrong end of a retweet.  

Not so…..

Jo D Miller knows her stuff. She also knows her members. She knew her group would react positively to quirky humor, customized content, current information and most of all, live piano music that touches the young and not-so-young. For a program in the middle of the day there was a whole lotta shakin’ going’ on!  When was the last time YOU left a meeting kicking your heels up to New York New York? This was no 70’s snooze fest and no one did the Blackberry boogie woogie. Result? IREM’s image got a boost up into the field of fun with continuing education.

Motivation with music

The meetings industry is coming back after the AIG scandal with more companies hiring professional speakers to deliver value and uplift their groups in a unique way. Association executives are looking for speakers that engage and entertain their members and make them part of the program rather than being just talked at (SO yesterday!)

If you’re a meeting planner looking to motivate your group on a specific topic visit this Houston speaker’s bureau for local professional speakers that will save you $$$ on travel expenses or search YouTube for speakers in your area.

Meetings in 2011 are all about interaction, innovation, information…….in joy!