Peak Performance or Mediocrity?

As a keynote speaker and professional pianist in Houston I’m always on the lookout for examples of business success in my community.

All too often I see employees in stores and restaurants that have a “could care less” demeanor that results in poor to mediocre customer service.  I can’t help wondering if they have big dreams for more fulfilling work and their current job is just a means to an end? Or not.

Regardless of what work you do, you’re in the customer service business because customers pay your bills. In todays’ highly competitive economy you need to ask yourself:  “How can I provide more value for the company? Am I exceeding expectations for my clients? Is there something else I can contribute to the overall performance of my team?”

In today’s marketplace it takes being extraordinary to succeed. I read on a Fast Company blog Britney Spears is wondering if she can keep up with Lady Gaga to produce another top selling album. Who can top a woman that wears a bacon dress?

In the words of Seth Godin: “The over delivery edge is an easier place to make a name for yourself”.

Extraordinary performers go the extra mile.

No need to wear anything edible.


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