The Eyes of Aussies are Upon You

Houston we have a problem.                     

Last week was the huge Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) with over 70,000 delegates from all over the world visiting our fair city.  As an Aussie expat living in this great country,  I had the pleasure of attending a  fancy schmancy luncheon honoring Australia and sat next to an oil & gas recruiter from Perth where the economy is thriving to the point of less than 4% unemployment. Andrew Tomich of Hudson said by the year 2020 they will need 250,000 more workers to cope with the rapidly flourishing industries in Western Australia.   

I asked Andrew for his impressions of Houston. His answers:

  • People really friendly
  • Service excellent
  • Shopping brilliant
  • Opportunities everywhere
  • Housing prices are so low

  But wait. Here are some surprises:

  • I got asked if we speak English in Australia
  •  Houston air-conditioners are set far too cold. Clearly nobody here is worried about global warming.
  • Everyone drives – doesn’t anyone take public transport?   Come to think of it I didn’t see any.
  • So much concrete
  • Why do men wear cowboy hats in the city when they’re not cowboys?
  • Meals are massive

Food for thought?

Houston is Sister City to Perth. Maybe it’s time to take a little sibling advice ……?


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