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Bank on Better Times at Meetings

July 26, 2011
Speaking for Sterling Bank

As the keynoter for Sterling Bank’s Women’s Business Initiative luncheon with subsequent raves (woo hoo!),  I realized a wake up call for the meetings industry: people are ready to be uplifted by motivational speakers once again.

Audiences are tired of the doom ‘n’ gloom from the past three years.
They want hope for the future and  ideas on how they can thrive in this economy. They want to be motivated to action and have fun learning.
No worries!
My topic “Extraordinary Performance: the New Norm for Tough Times” hit the spot for this group of bankers and small business owners. Some points covered:
1.  Be persistent in your efforts to provide more value and outstanding customer service.  Successful people have the discipline to do what they don’t want to and perseverance pays off.
2.  Have the right attitude. Be willing to learn new ways of working from each generation in the workplace. Stay likeable, humble and teachable.
3.  Build great relationships with  colleagues and clients.  Develop a strong team culture that results in excellent customer service (Sterling Bank has SO got this!) Form a mastermind group of  peers to brainstorm solutions and creative ideas.
Mixing the message with music, humor and customized content energized this audience to a standing ovation and comments:
“Your relevant customization, great energy, beautiful music and well-placed humor made a perfect presentation that created a high impact, memorable event!…You truly made a difference in my life and motivated me to confront my fears and go after my dream…. Informative, fun, passionate, inspiring….You made my week!…We were honored to have our company philosophy included in your program…Great tips for today’s marketplace…Your stories are great!”
Sterling Bank is about to merge with Comerica to be bigger and better.
Bigger bank, better times, more meetings that rock!

Your Tip from Tom Hanks

July 5, 2011

Did you see the movie Larry Crowne? It stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. The story is about a man that gets laid off because he doesn’t have a college education so he enrolls at a local college and meets professor Julia Roberts. And that’s it folks. The end.

If you want a heavy dose of blah then go see it.

If you’re looking for a meaningful story with superb acting then stay home.

Tom Hanks wrote, produced and starred in this movie that left me wondering: Why would two big name talented actors take on such  nothing  roles? Then it hit me. Every time an actor tries to ‘stretch’ himself by producing, directing, starring and writing a movie the result is nearly always mediocre. Why? Because it’s all about them and their ego.

When you want to take your performance to the next level make sure you practice new skills before going public with them. Know your limits and ask professionals to do what you can’t.

Hopefully Tom will learn his lesson and stick to what he does best.

Hopefully your company/clients will reward you for extraordinary performance.