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From Success to Significance

August 30, 2011

Sharing the stage with John Maxwell

As a motivational speaker with wacky humor and an Aussie accent I’m often asked to emcee special events in Houston but none was more special than last Friday night on stage at the Wortham Center.

The Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation (TWEF)  hosted the 5th Annual International Financial & Leadership Summit featuring four days of workshops, seminars,  a  Million Dollar Roundtable, top keynote speakers including Les Brown and Paula White with attendees from around the world. The summit ended with a black tie leadership awards banquet with yours truly as mistress of ceremonies together with Dr. Bennie Lambert from Lone Star College who had an equally wacky sense of humor.  Together we made the good times roll into the evening of honorees, awards and good people doing great things.

And then HE walked in…

An icon in the speaking industry and a world renowned expert on leadership,  John Maxwell entered the room to a standing ovation that lasted three minutes.  Have you ever stood in the presence of greatness? Did you feel the power that gives you goose bumps? It’s awesome. And so is he.

After being introduced by Pastor Joel Osteen‘s mother Dodi, John spoke  on how success is about helping yourself but significance is about helping others. He talked about the power of  ‘we’ as a team and what a difference one person can make referring to TWEF’s founder Dr. Deavra Daughtry.  John Maxwell was all about connecting with the audience of 600 and leveling the playing ground between us and his celebrity status. He SO succeeded with his personal stories, down to earth humor and words of wisdom relevant to all.

I got to visit with my new BFF John in the green room  and for ten minutes he asked questions about my speaking business, commented on how much he loved Australia (where he’s spoken many times) and made me feel like I was the only person in the world he wanted to talk to. He was humble, gracious and charming despite the fact he had just flown in from Palm Beach on his private plane with an entourage of staff and had to leave immediately after his speech.  

His success as a speaker/author with 19 million books sold worldwide is obvious.  His significance as a human being is beyond great because he’s all about helping others.

John Maxwell is a giant of a man who walks his talk and genuinely cares about people.

Are you successful or significant? Reach for the stars – go for both.


Winners at Work

August 9, 2011

Speaking on Peak Performance

As a high performance speaker and professional pianist I’m supposed to walk my talk or I lose credibility. If you’re an executive assistant, real estate agent, banker or project manager you need to be efficient, organized and professional or you could be replaced.

So what do you do when things don’t go your way?

Recently I was hired to play piano for a wedding ceremony in one of Houston’s most exclusive venues. To compliment the elegant decor the piano was an antique cherry wood instrument with curved legs and a high polish. There was no piano bench. Instead there was an old chair that sat so low I had to raise my hands six inches to reach the keyboard. To add salt to the tacky wound the piano hadn’t been tuned since the earth was cooling.

What would a top performer do?

Unbeknownst to the wedding party, I consulted the catering director and asked for folded tablecloths to be placed on the chair that raised me up to the level of the piano keyboard. Since there was nothing to do about the tuning I began playing promptly in time as guests were arriving. Bride and groom were happily married and rode off into the sunset.

The point? When you don’t have the right tools to do the job –  compensate without complaint. Complaining breeds distrust and spreads negativity in the workplace. It’s totally counter-productive and  destroys a good team. In the end, YOU”RE the one that looks bad.

Extraordinary performance is what it takes to thrive in today’s economy and stand out from the crowded competition.

Ignore Charlie Sheen‘s idea of winning (not!)  Pay attention to your words at work.

It’s SO All About Me

August 1, 2011

Are you a small business owner? Would you like more web exposure to attract clients? Can you make changes on your web site without paying your IT geek?

Listen up for the latest on cool ‘n’ cheap marketing…

There’s a new site around and it’s the next big thing to promote your stuff. It’s called About Me and the idea is to create a ‘splash page’ for your business. You can change text, photos and colors any time and best of all, it’s free. It’s so easy even a technically challenged Aussie like me did it – check it out!

My friend and colleague generations speaker Karen McCullough got me onto this and said she heard from the digital gurus this site may replace traditional web sites some day. Now THAT’S big.

What are you waiting for? Get busy, get creative, get noticed!

See? It really is all about me…………and you.