All that Glitters is not Gold

Junior League Charlotte, NC

As the keynote speaker for 550 members of the Junior League in Charlotte, NC  recently the experience was  a real eye opener…

Surprise #1: Most of them were Gen Y between the ages of 23 – 27 years old.
Surprise #2: Seventy five percent of them were working mothers.
What happened to the image of the middle aged wealthy matron sitting at home with proverbial pearls on wondering where to volunteer that would most benefit her social status?
Times have changed and so has voluntarism. The delightful, dedicated, savvy membership of the Junior League Charlotte is  2,000 members strong and just celebrated their 85th anniversary with over 1 million hours of service. The impact on the community is both amazing and admirable.
The real pearl of this audience was the diversity of cultures and walks of life connected by a genuine passion to help others in a community they love. Current President Katie Zeok has successfully instigated new ways of fundraising in the chapter while working full time at Bank of America and juggling family life.  Time management is a challenge for these volunteers yet they are SO doing everything  right ‘coz they’re one of the biggest leagues in the country. Where there’s a will there’s a way. As I say in my speeches: “passion is the beginning of all success”.
How are you perceived by others? What image are you projecting?
Make sure it’s the real thing ‘coz people don’t buy fool’s gold. 

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