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New Year, New Ways of Working

January 26, 2012

HR Houston speaker

As a motivational speaker always looking to improve my keynotes and stay booked, I’ve had to embrace changing times and learn new things. The old ways of giving a canned speech with stats, facts and power point are SO seventies! (unless, of course, you’re Zig Ziglar)
Guess what? We all have to learn new ways of working or get left behind.
Left behind = unemployed.
Last month/last year I spoke to a great group of Human Resource professionals from diverse companies  all around Houston. Pictured here with John Greer the President of HR Houston it was a fascinating  insight into today’s workplace.
To customize my presentations on high performance I interview several people from the audience prior to the event. For this group I specifically asked three HR directors from three major companies what new practices they’ve implemented in the past year……
While one interview said her organization is making more use of Linked In to hire people the other said she’s ‘getting back to basics’  using face-to-face communications and less emails. Why? To clarify communications.  Emails  can easily be misinterpreted causing unnecessary problems that results in wasted time and loss of productivity.
What are YOU doing differently in 2012? Are you willing to stay teachable?
If not, how’s that working for ya?