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Your Oscar Performance off the Red Carpet

February 27, 2012

Meryl Streep did it again winning a third Oscar for her extraordinary performance in the movie  ’The Iron Lady’. Since she’s been nominated a record 17 times for the award, it’s safe to say Meryl Streep is a top performer.

At 62, this talented actress has consistently performed at her best resulting in success outside of ordinary. In her acceptance speech she credited her husband “for everything in our lives I value most” and said of her Hollywood colleagues “the thing that counts most with me is the friends, the love and the sheer joy we have shared making movies together.”

Friends and love in tinsel town?

Top performers know it takes more than themselves to achieve success. Meryl Streep has built great relationships over the years with people she works with and now calls them friends.

What about you? Are you the go-to team member that everyone likes? Do you go the extra mile to please customers by getting to know them personally? Are you approachable to your employees?

High performance gets recognized by the Academy of Bottom Line Cha Ching.

And the winner is……..


Winning Teams that Work

February 21, 2012

Tennis is my new addiction.  Along with my work as a high performance speaker, tennis has become a passion ever since I picked up a racquet last summer after thirty years of not playing.

Insane?  Slightly…considering I live in Houston where we fry in 100+ degree heat with 90 something percent humidity all summer long and I began playing tennis outdoors.  Add to that I’m not quite, errr, 20 years old any more (SO not going there).

Playing doubles tennis four times weekly taught me a lesson on the court that applies to the workplace today…

When I play with someone that encourages me I play better. Conversely when I play with someone very competitive I play badly.  When you have a team leader recognizing  employees for their work you have a team motivated to be more productive. Using words of praise and appreciation boosts morale and raises performance levels that ultimately impacts the bottom line.

People join companies but leave bosses. The #1 reason? They feel unrecognized (ref:  StandOut by Marcus Buckingham)

I’ll never be good enough to play in the Australian Open but I am a good sport and a good team player.

How about you?

February 13, 2012

This is my Valentine for 2012.

OK, so maybe I don’t exactly have a date with George Clooney on February 14th. OK, so maybe I haven’t exactly met him even……..he was totally real in my fantasy.

With all the hype of Valentine’s Day about diamonds, flowers and chocolates it seems love gets lost in the media. And what about us singles still looking for love in all the wrong places? What’s in it for us?

If every kiss begins with Kay’s Jewelers, Houston – we have a problem.

As a motivational speaker I have to be authentic and speak from the heart or my audiences know I’m a fake. I tell people that all business success begins with passion. You have to love what you do because that triggers the discipline to do whatever it takes.

Success in relationships begins with core values. What qualities do you cherish?   For me integrity,  manners, loyalty, trust, respect, reliability, accountability are top priorities  (somebody stick this list in front of our politicians!)

In the  song My Funny Valentine the lyrics read:  “Is your figure less than Greek, Is your mouth a little weak, When you open it to speak, Are you smart? Don’t change a hair for me, Not if you care for me, Stay little Valentine, Stay. Each day is Valentine’s Day.”

My perfect Valentine may not look like George Clooney (he’s taller) but whoever he is, he’s going to know the true meaning of February 14th …….. and it has nothing to do with Kay.


Your Super Bowl Success

February 13, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday is over but for some the memory lives on…

Between the media hoopla about the commercials, the parties, the half-time show and oh right, let’s not forget players like MVP Eli Manning, there’s something in it for everyone – even if you’re not a football fan, like me.

With millions of  TV viewers and a stadium of thousands ya’  think there was a teensy bit of pressure to perform at peak level?  Even half-time super star Madonna admitted she was the most nervous she’s ever been about a performance.

Pressure to perform = fear of failure.

In my keynote speeches on Extraordinary Performance I explain how fear, passion and money are great motivators for success……but success doesn’t come overnight. Mix passion with persistence, the right attitude, helpful people and focus for around 10,000 hours and poof! You win. (Ref : Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers)

Football players, rock stars and billionaires all started out with one thing in common. They had a passion for what they do that triggered the discipline to do whatever it takes.

Are you doing what you love? If not, why not? Skip the excuses about the economy or you don’t have the resources and take one small step daily towards living your dream.  Amazing things happen when you take action vs. wishful thinking.

Top performers never give up.

Just ask Eli.