Your Super Bowl Success

Super Bowl Sunday is over but for some the memory lives on…

Between the media hoopla about the commercials, the parties, the half-time show and oh right, let’s not forget players like MVP Eli Manning, there’s something in it for everyone – even if you’re not a football fan, like me.

With millions of  TV viewers and a stadium of thousands ya’  think there was a teensy bit of pressure to perform at peak level?  Even half-time super star Madonna admitted she was the most nervous she’s ever been about a performance.

Pressure to perform = fear of failure.

In my keynote speeches on Extraordinary Performance I explain how fear, passion and money are great motivators for success……but success doesn’t come overnight. Mix passion with persistence, the right attitude, helpful people and focus for around 10,000 hours and poof! You win. (Ref : Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers)

Football players, rock stars and billionaires all started out with one thing in common. They had a passion for what they do that triggered the discipline to do whatever it takes.

Are you doing what you love? If not, why not? Skip the excuses about the economy or you don’t have the resources and take one small step daily towards living your dream.  Amazing things happen when you take action vs. wishful thinking.

Top performers never give up.

Just ask Eli.


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