Winning Teams that Work

Tennis is my new addiction.  Along with my work as a high performance speaker, tennis has become a passion ever since I picked up a racquet last summer after thirty years of not playing.

Insane?  Slightly…considering I live in Houston where we fry in 100+ degree heat with 90 something percent humidity all summer long and I began playing tennis outdoors.  Add to that I’m not quite, errr, 20 years old any more (SO not going there).

Playing doubles tennis four times weekly taught me a lesson on the court that applies to the workplace today…

When I play with someone that encourages me I play better. Conversely when I play with someone very competitive I play badly.  When you have a team leader recognizing  employees for their work you have a team motivated to be more productive. Using words of praise and appreciation boosts morale and raises performance levels that ultimately impacts the bottom line.

People join companies but leave bosses. The #1 reason? They feel unrecognized (ref:  StandOut by Marcus Buckingham)

I’ll never be good enough to play in the Australian Open but I am a good sport and a good team player.

How about you?


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