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Healthcare, Resilience and All That Jazz

May 15, 2012
 Speaking to the New Orleans Association of Health Underwriters  was cool on many levels…
NOAHU hosts an annual Benefits Expo for their members with  sponsors like United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield at exhibition booths providing all the latest in health care info. Industry speakers in the morning spouted stats ‘n’ facts relevant to this group and I learned some alarming news on obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in this country and how it will affect health care costs for us all moving forward.
Needless to say these folks are not happy campers in the Obama Care field.
After my lunchtime keynote on “Learn from Lady Gaga: Extraordinary is the New Norm!”  they WERE happy campers feeling glad they attended the expo and leaving with new ideas & fresh motivation
(OMG! such shameless self promotion)
Cool Level # 1.
NOAHU’s President Rina Tikia & Treasurer Jennifer Toupes were two fine examples of New Orleans southern hospitality at its best. Monday night they took me and another speaker from Baltimore out to dinner at The Palace Cafe in the heart of downtown. I was amazed and delighted how crowded and lively the whole place was after the double whammy of Katrina followed by the BP spill. People were still coming in for dinner at 10 p.m. when we left! (Houston is such a snooze fest on Mondays – what about your city?)
Cool Level # 2.
I was taken on a whirlwind daytime tour by an old friend Marc Lenoir who has been working there for the past 8 years. Marc is from Belgium and drives like Batman in a BMW (ergo the word ‘whirlwind’) We drove throughout the city and surrounding areas at the speed of lightening but I was once again struck by the number of people I saw on Bourbon Street and around Jackson Square. Tourism is alive and well and once again thriving in New Orleans. Let the good times roll on!
Cool Level # 3.
From healthcare underwriters & major companies to shopkeepers & small businesses, ‘Nawlins adds a new image to its renowned brand of jazz and food – RESILIENCE.
Your success depends on the ability to persevere through the storms of competitive  chaos and the spillover effect of economic turbulence.
 Oh When The Saints Come Marchin’ In…………Who Dat???