Not Now. Not Ever.

Last week I was on the phone to Chris Long at AEI Speakers Bureau in Boston, MA. who books me for gigs as a motivational speakerBoston Marathon bombinbI asked if his family & friends were OK in light of the recent marathon bombings and he shared  his personal story that is a valuable lesson
for us all…..

Here’s what Chris said:

“My kids had no school Monday on account of Patriots Day.   My wife and I argued about who would take a personal day. 
I won because I had taken 2 days to travel for work the week before. Otherwise my wife’s routine for the past 10 years has been to go to the marathon finish line at about 2:30 p.m. to see friends complete the race. (She works in the John Hancock building).  

She went to the zoo with the kids instead of the race as they tend to go off in opposite directions.

Boston Marathon bombing man on groundWednesday after the bombing I went to the Bruins game which was the first event after the bombing on Monday. Thursday my wife and I went to dinner and the theater for her birthday as planned.  We wanted to take a stand in the face of terrorism. (Editor’s note: Actual language was somewhat stronger here!)

Besides, every one was desperate to get back to normal. 

At dinner, photos of the suspects were released and Thursday night late is when the man hunt began in earnest. Weirdest feeling to have an entire city in lock down. It was like opening the wound all over again. But life goes on and we’re moving right along with it.

Chris and his wife are two of the many faces of resilience in Boston. They flatly refuse to live in fear. Like late night host Jay Lenno said: “They messed with the wrong city”. Despite the tragedy of numerous deaths and injuries, did those cowardly terrorists win?

Not now. Not ever.

When life throws you a curve ball, remember Boston. Face your fear and move forward.


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