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What Are You Afraid Of?

June 25, 2013
  scared woman
Fearlessness is not the same as the absence of fear

The fearless person is well aware of the fear she faces. The fear, though, becomes a compass, not a barrier. It becomes a way to know what to do next, not an evil demon to be extinguished.
When we deny our fear, we make it stronger.
When we reassure the voice in our head by rationally reminding it of everything that will go right, we actually reinforce it.
Pushing back on fear doesn’t make us brave and it doesn’t make us fearless. Acknowledging fear and moving on is a very different approach, one that permits it to exist without strengthening it.
Life without fear doesn’t last very long–you’ll be run over by a bus (or a boss) before you know it. The fearless person, on the other hand, sees the world as it is (fear included) and then makes smart (and brave) decisions.I still remember the first time I stepped on stage to give a motivational speech without the safety crutch of a piano. Terror only begins to describe the feeling. My strategy was to make the audience laugh ASAP to alleviate tension. It worked.

Go ahead. Take that step towards your dream/goal/passion.

Fear less. Live more.


June 12, 2013
man diving
Would you dive off these rocks like this? (sober?) 
Me neither.Taking risks is essential to make progress and succeed in anything – from business to relationships, sports to entertainment. As a motivational speaker that focuses on being fearless, I’ve had to walk my talk many times. In fact I’m still struttin’ my stuff 
with wobbly knees sometimes…

It takes courage to learn something new and risk looking like a fool.It takes courage to confront someone you have issues with and risk losing their friendship.

It takes courage to take on a leadership role and risk being criticized.

Stupid is not trying.

What If You’re Swimming With Sharks?

June 5, 2013

shark boat

How would you feel if you saw this coming while you were swimming in the ocean? I’m guessing here …
but I think you’d be scared witless.

Oh wait. It’s only a boat.

As a motivational speaker that inspires groups about being fearless, I’ve found most people have fear of some kind – regardless of how good looking, wealthy and successful they are. Most commonly fear of rejection, failure, commitment, financial lack, growing old, being alone,  gaining weight, getting sick etc.
What if that thing you’re afraid of isn’t such a big deal?
What if you ended that toxic relationship, pursued more fulfilling work, took that scary class, began exercising, learned new technology, joined a social group, explored a hobby/sport/craft, tried a different recipe for the same ol’ dinner?
Fear is tricky – it’s usually much larger in our mind than
it is in reality. Fear has no substance until we give it power.
What if you took one little step towards changing something you’re miserable/reluctant/procrastinating about?Chances are it’s no big deal.

Chances are you’d be a lot happier.

OMG! Could you handle more happiness?