What If You’re Swimming With Sharks?

shark boat

How would you feel if you saw this coming while you were swimming in the ocean? I’m guessing here …
but I think you’d be scared witless.

Oh wait. It’s only a boat.

As a motivational speaker that inspires groups about being fearless, I’ve found most people have fear of some kind – regardless of how good looking, wealthy and successful they are. Most commonly fear of rejection, failure, commitment, financial lack, growing old, being alone,  gaining weight, getting sick etc.
What if that thing you’re afraid of isn’t such a big deal?
What if you ended that toxic relationship, pursued more fulfilling work, took that scary class, began exercising, learned new technology, joined a social group, explored a hobby/sport/craft, tried a different recipe for the same ol’ dinner?
Fear is tricky – it’s usually much larger in our mind than
it is in reality. Fear has no substance until we give it power.
What if you took one little step towards changing something you’re miserable/reluctant/procrastinating about?Chances are it’s no big deal.

Chances are you’d be a lot happier.

OMG! Could you handle more happiness?


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