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Wah! Wah! My Coffee Is Cold

September 24, 2013

Soldier crouching sad

Recently I read about returning soldiers having a tough time being civil to people complaining about their jobs, their kids, their life.

As a motivational speaker during my presentations I talk about taking risks to reach new levels of success professionally and personally. Stepping outside our comfort zone to learn a new software program can feel uncomfortable. Going to unfamiliar places to meet different people and make new friends can be scary to some.


The men and women in our military that risk their lives for our freedom are the people who truly understand fear, courage, discipline, teamwork, leadership and living in hardship.

Next time you want to whine about having to attend a meeting, another project on your desk, cold coffee or running errands, stop and think how lucky you are to be living in this great country where women can go to school, diverse religions thrive, government is elected fairly and people can speak out.



Risky Business Makes Good Sense

September 17, 2013

 Cliff diving at sunsetI’m guessing you know the definition of insanity: Doing the same old things the same old way and expecting different results?  

Think about it.  

If you never try something new, you’ll never make any progress. If Thomas Edison hadn’t tried to invent new things, we’d still be reading by candlelight. Henry Ford was considered crazy by many in his day….a machine that runs without horses? Nuts!


Successful leaders realize that taking risks is essential to an organization’s growth. If your business needs a kick in the proverbial butt, what are you going to change? Marketing processes, technology systems, take a class, different networking? 
Ooooh, scary stuff. What if you fail? What if you look like a twit?

Ooooh, scarier stuff. What if you don’t?    

Living a life of coulda shoulda, means living a life of regrets.

Go ahead. Take the jump. The hard part is getting started. 

The benefits far outweigh the risk. 

Use These Tennis Tips To Improve Your Conversations (and get what you want)

September 10, 2013
Ever since starting to play tennis two years ago I’ve learned a lot about human behavior and how perfectly normal nice people can turn into competitive monsters on the court.
Nasty habits need to be broken. But first you have to be aware you have them.
Do you tend to fly off the handle if someone 
Serena Williams US Open 2013 
disagrees with you?  
Whether you’re talking to your boss, co-worker or customer, here are four ways to master the art of conversation to get the results you want:
  • Use controlled, deep breathing to stay relaxed and focused.
  • Remain in the present.
  • React to events in a detached, non-judgmental manner.
  • Practice and prepare to perform at your best.

Breathing calms you down when the client says your product isn’t worth the money. Instead of adapting the defensive mode ask questions, discover their needs and sell value vs pushing product.

 NOTE TO SELF: Next time I miss that easy net shot quit doing the angry bird thing and take a deep breath, learn from the mistake and correct it next time around.   

 Game, set, match. 

Trashy, Sleazy, Desperate: What Would You Do To Get Noticed?

September 6, 2013
Robin Thicke & Miley Cyrus

It was the talk of Twitter,
the buzz of the moment,
a media frenzy….
Miley Cyrus’s performance at the Video Music Awards was nothing short of shocking. 

With her lewd gestures, tongue out, half naked, Miley showed the world she is no longer the Disney channel girl who was adored by millions of teens.

 Talk about a brand change.

 In my motivational speeches on Extraordinary Performance I talk about what it takes to reach the next level of success and how we need to keep learning and changing the way we work. In today’s competitive market we need to stand out from the crowd to get the job/client and keep the job/client.

Does this mean we have to strip off our clothes and act vulgar?     (OK, don’t answer that)

Successful people don’t need to shock anyone. They are self confident, open minded yet consistent with their brand/image.

Miley Cyrus looked like she wanted to win the sleaze award at VMA to outdo Lady Gaga and the all star line up.  

Or was she just desperate for attention?

Grab the attention of your boss/client by delivering excellence. Every time. Every interaction. Every day.  

 Now THAT’S Extraordinary Performance that won’t make the tabloids but WILL get you noticed……………… a good way. 

Music to your Ears or Cheap Healthcare?

September 3, 2013
nullIt never ceases to amaze me how people  are transformed by music…..
As a professional piano entertainer, I perform a lot of one hour musical programs for seniors in retirement homes in Houston. When I walk in they are usually sitting waiting with blank expressions on their faces. Two minutes into the program you can sense the shift in energy levels.
 What happens?
 Healthcare studies have long since recognized the healing effects of music on the brain….something to do with those funky little chemical thingies releasing feel-good stuff that results in a case of the warm fuzzies all over.   

         Tambourines added extra excitement for this group! 

Donning my other hat as a motivational speaker, I’ve presented at many conferences and meetings for people in the healthcare industry and one time speaking to a group of nurses, I learned that music was used in the operating room to soothe both patient and doctors.  

Questions are being raised about music and Alzheimers among medical researchers: Does playing a musical instrument stave off dementia? What about just listening to music?   

Frank Iacono still plays the violin. He is the concertmaster for the Providence Civic Orchestra of Senior Citizens in Rhode Island and says: “Music keeps my mind active, and gives me a lot of pleasure.”  

Frank is 101 years old.  

As scientists race to figure out how to promote healthy aging of the brain, and prevent dementia, their preliminary advice for senior citizens has become a chorus of voices: “Stay active! Have hobbies! Be socially engaged!” 

Playing music, for some people, is a natural answer to all of those recommendations.

If someone you love is at risk for Alzheimer’s, consider gifting them with easy-to-learn classes for an instrument they would love to play. You just may give them five more years of quality living.
Now THAT’S music to everyone’s ears.