Music to your Ears or Cheap Healthcare?

nullIt never ceases to amaze me how people  are transformed by music…..
As a professional piano entertainer, I perform a lot of one hour musical programs for seniors in retirement homes in Houston. When I walk in they are usually sitting waiting with blank expressions on their faces. Two minutes into the program you can sense the shift in energy levels.
 What happens?
 Healthcare studies have long since recognized the healing effects of music on the brain….something to do with those funky little chemical thingies releasing feel-good stuff that results in a case of the warm fuzzies all over.   

         Tambourines added extra excitement for this group! 

Donning my other hat as a motivational speaker, I’ve presented at many conferences and meetings for people in the healthcare industry and one time speaking to a group of nurses, I learned that music was used in the operating room to soothe both patient and doctors.  

Questions are being raised about music and Alzheimers among medical researchers: Does playing a musical instrument stave off dementia? What about just listening to music?   

Frank Iacono still plays the violin. He is the concertmaster for the Providence Civic Orchestra of Senior Citizens in Rhode Island and says: “Music keeps my mind active, and gives me a lot of pleasure.”  

Frank is 101 years old.  

As scientists race to figure out how to promote healthy aging of the brain, and prevent dementia, their preliminary advice for senior citizens has become a chorus of voices: “Stay active! Have hobbies! Be socially engaged!” 

Playing music, for some people, is a natural answer to all of those recommendations.

If someone you love is at risk for Alzheimer’s, consider gifting them with easy-to-learn classes for an instrument they would love to play. You just may give them five more years of quality living.
Now THAT’S music to everyone’s ears.

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