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October 17, 2013

Coca Cola can
It seems like Coca Cola has been around forever.
It’s brand is recognized around the world and although it may taste different in some countries (less sweet in Europe, sweeter in Thailand),
the product is a classic.
The marketing powers that be within Coca Cola tried experimenting with the image to keep up with changing times and appear hip and cool. Consumers didn’t like it so they reverted back to the simple timeless look as pictured.

Remember their slogan “It’s the Real Thing“?
(Part of the song ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony’ that I played every night at the 2006 Winter Olympics when I was hired by Coca Cola to entertain their VIP clientele)

Their new slogan is “Open Happiness“.

Cartoon happy people

I find that interesting. If Coca Cola is keeping up with the times then it tells me that more and more people simply want to be happy. It makes me wonder about how many unhappy people there are around. And I wonder how many people think they can ‘get’ happy?

Happiness comes from within. As a motivational speaker that tries to walk her talk, I’ve discovered that focusing on everything good in my life helps maintain a positive outlook, decrease stress and have a pleasant disposition (except when I miss an easy tennis shot?) Research shows that people who are physically active, socially engaged and eat healthy are among the happiest people in our society today.

And that’s the real thing.


Don’t Worry, Be Happy….really?

October 8, 2013

Girl in poverty India with dog

Looking at this picture it struck me how joyful this little girl is. She has a genuine big happy smile on her face and it appears her dog does too (ya’ think?)

And yet look at all the filth she lives in. This is how millions of people live in the slums of India.  

With government shut downs, high unemployment, slow economic recovery and rising gun violence, it’s easy to get caught up in the complaining game here in the USA right now.

Happiness is a relevant term.  

As a motivational speaker talking about taking risks to achieve more success, I look for inspiration in events, situations and people. This little girl is my inspiration for this week. I’m so grateful to live in a nice home with clean running water, electricity and a roof over my head that keeps me dry, safe and warm. All of a sudden car problems don’t seem like so much of a problem. After all, I have a car.

Since the only constant in life is change it means nothing stays the same – even problems.  

Be happy NOW. Really.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy, blah blah blah

October 1, 2013

Dog laying down Monday is Over

What is it about Mondays that people dread?

The truth is, they’re never as bad as we think they’re going to be just because it’s the first day of the work week.

90% of the stuff we worry/fear/lose sleep over never happens so it’s really a huge waste of energy. Anticipation is mostly far worse than reality.       

As a self employed motivational speaker, I try to walk my talk of how to be happy and successful in life by shifting focus from negative thoughts to unlimited opportunities.   

Change your perspective about Mondays by thinking of all the possibilities for good things to happen…encounters of the nice kind, unexpected good news, a fun invitation, a new client, a productive chat, a check in the mail, a tasty treat.