Coca Cola can
It seems like Coca Cola has been around forever.
It’s brand is recognized around the world and although it may taste different in some countries (less sweet in Europe, sweeter in Thailand),
the product is a classic.
The marketing powers that be within Coca Cola tried experimenting with the image to keep up with changing times and appear hip and cool. Consumers didn’t like it so they reverted back to the simple timeless look as pictured.

Remember their slogan “It’s the Real Thing“?
(Part of the song ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony’ that I played every night at the 2006 Winter Olympics¬†when I was hired by Coca Cola to entertain their VIP clientele)

Their new slogan is “Open Happiness“.

Cartoon happy people

I find that interesting. If Coca Cola is keeping up with the times then it tells me that more and more people simply want to be happy. It makes me wonder about how many unhappy people there are around. And I wonder how many people think they can ‘get’ happy?

Happiness comes from within. As a motivational speaker that¬†tries to walk her talk, I’ve discovered that focusing on everything good in my life helps maintain a positive outlook, decrease stress and have a pleasant disposition (except when I miss an easy tennis shot?) Research shows that people who are physically active, socially engaged and eat healthy are among the happiest people in our society today.

And that’s the real thing.


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