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How To Stay Forever Young

April 22, 2014

Easter bunny with little girl Variety is the spice of life and I’m   
convinced it helps slow the aging process … if only mentally. As both a motivational speaker & piano entertainer I get to wear different hats that keeps life interesting. I hope you gain inspiration from this blog to keep trying new things to live healthier & happier…..and look good too!

Easter Sunday saw me and a large rabbit entertain 500+ people at the Sugar Creek Country Club in Sugar Land, Texas where in between sets I lunched on lobster, oysters, smoked salmon & cheese cake (not at the same time). Think I’m born to live in luxury ‘coz it feels natural. Yeah Baby.

Sure. This is me in a bikini………………not !!!!Cartoon - frisbee throwing girl in bikini
However I did learn how to play frisbee golf last Saturday. Having never thrown a frisbee in my life this was a totally new experience and a whole new way to have fun and be frustrated. Who knew there was an actual art to tossing a flying saucer thingy?

Another first comes up this weekend when I attend a tennis boot camp at the ranch of famous Aussie champion John Newcombe in New Braunfels, Texas.We’re in for a heckuva time with tennis drills, cocktails, karaoke (no kidding!) and people from all over the USA participating. Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!

Chicago city skyline

Chicago city skyline

Next month I’m off to speak in Chicago, Austin and Indiana so I’m busy customizing speeches for Itasca Bank, Texas Electric Cooperatives & yet another program for The American Heart Association in the mid west. Busy bee!

With the news of two friends  funerals in a week, the one year anniversary of the Boston marathon bombing and hearing of yet another acquaintance with cancer, I’m wondering how much time any of us have.

Get out your bucket list. What’s the next new thing you’re going to cross off? Tick tock.

Hmmmmm……where do I sign up for sky diving?


Boston Strong: Good Wins Gold

April 16, 2014
LOOKING FOR THE GOOD Boston Marathon bombing man on ground

One year after the Boston marathon bombing stories of resilience, courage and inspiration emerge from survivors and spectators.
One such story comes from a fifty-something-year-old woman who held the hand of an injured victim until help arrived ignoring the gaping hole in her own leg.
A week later Amanda North questioned her passion and purpose in life realizing that it could end at any given minute. Quitting her lucrative job in the tech industry after 30 years she started a business combining her love of travel, culture and social change selling home decor from artisans in developing countries.
The online for-profit company Artisan Connect is the first of its kind providing consumers with tasteful global art while keeping cultural tradition alive and prospering for people that need it most.

Chris Long AEI Speakers

Chris Long is VP of the Boston speakers bureau AEI Speakers (agency for motivational speakers like me) His wife was supposed to be at the finish line last year supporting friends. It was her habit of many years.

By some miracle of circumstances she was unable to be there.
In hindsight Chris says he and his family now have “a profound appreciation for health, family, country & most of all our community. While I wish I could say I acted boldly and started chasing a life long dream, my reality is one where we just stop and smell the roses. Then we talk about how awesome they are today. We look at life as more of a gift, time to be cherished. Because marathon bombing or not, it goes by so fast and can be fleeting.”

Words to live by.
Next time you’re freaked out about paying taxes, dealing with your boss, sitting in traffic or having a bad hair day, remember Boston.
Things could be a lot worse. Think of all the good you have and give thanks. Hug someone. Pat a cat. Smell a rose.