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One Thing One Need to Learn from Justin Bieber

November 18, 2015

Imagine this: You’ve scrimped and saved to spend a couple of hundred dollars to see your idol Neil Diamond/Adele/Justin Bieber, in concert. You splurged on a baby sitter, Justin Bieber (150x112) got the grandparents on alert, re-arranged your schedule to finish work early and get a decent parking space. You’re pumped for a good time.

You and thousands of other fans are hyped with excitement waiting expectantly to experience the life long dream of seeing this pop star up close and personal. The atmosphere is charged with awesome energy.

Suddenly it’s lights, music, action! In this case it’s Justin Bieber who makes his grand entrance on stage in Oslo, Norway to the sound of screaming fans, flashing lights and visual effects out the wazoo.   He sings, women swoon.

But then after one song, it’s all over. He walks off stage. Wait, what???

Apparently several people in the front row threw some water on stage and Justin asked them to stop while attempting to wipe it dry. He argued with them for 30 seconds before turning his back on the audience and walking off.

You’d be totally ticked, right? It wasn’t like YOUR fault! How could he let all of us down for the sake of a couple of idiots? Or was it ego? After all these months of anticipation, let alone the $$$, are you kidding me???

LESSON: At your next sales/project meeting, don’t let that nerdy negative guy burst your bubble and stop you from achieving your goals. Stay focused on the big picture and leggo your ego before you say something you’ll regret and look like a twit (Aussie lingo for fool). One bad apple CAN spoil the crop so don’t BE that guy who’s toxic to a team and ruining it for everyone. 

As a motivational speaker at conferences around the country, I’ve had my fair share of disasters on stage in front of hundreds of people – mainly to do with microphone & audio problems. That’s when the professional in me expands beyond my comfort zone and I kid around with the audience and make fun of the challenge (shaking at the knees!) while A/V staff frantically try to fix things. It’s what you do. The show must go on.

Justin Bieber should have gone off stage, had his people remove the offending fans and wipe the stage dry, then made a second entrance. Guaranteed thunderous applause, appreciative fans and a mega boost to his bad boy image.

“They try to get at me
Behind your back
Tryin’ to tell me that I’m just like the others
But I ain’t all bad.” – Album: Journals 2013

Really Justin? Walk your talk dude.


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Fall in Love with Change or Stick with Stuck!

November 5, 2015

Autimn leaves by road (360x244)

Autumn leaves are a great reminder to get rid of the old and make way for the new. It’s a good time to unclutter your desk, clean out your closet or change up your exercise routine.  Hmmmm…. I wonder if I could shed my old skin, would I look like my baby self?

Doing business today is WAY different than it used to be. Technology is old after a week, the generational gap in the workforce is at its widest in history and corporate cultures have to get with the program to attract and retain talent. 

But the biggest change has to come from within our mindset. 

I have a 61 year-old friend who was given the pink slip from an oil company where she made a healthy piece of change for many years. For the past three years she’s looked for a job without any luck.  

Over qualified. Translation: too old.  

After the proverbial time period of wanting to throw eggs at corporate America, she decided to try something completely different and took an online course to learn how to demonstrate food & wine in supermarkets at $11/hour. Maximizing her people and communication skills, she’s now happily living a stress-free life without the pressure of an impossible workload with an impossible deadline. She meets all kinds of new interesting people every day and has nights and weekends free to enjoy herself.

Imagine that.

Changing her thinking, changed her life. Her perspective of low paying jobs was turned around when she began looking at the positives and broadened her routine job search.

Becoming unstuck means letting go of the familiar and embracing the new.After all, if change wasn’t a good thing we’d still be living in loin cloths with no cell phones.

Now imagine THAT.

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