reads from a script. Afterwards comes that tacky feeling of remorse, regret and guilt……unless of course, you’re a Real Housewife of Anywhere-ville.

Perhaps the most famous recent example of foot-in-mouth was what Donald Trump said of Carly Fiorini: “Who would vote for that face?” He then did an ABOUT face at the Republican debate by saying “You’re a beautiful woman and I think you have a beautiful face”. Talk about eating humble pie in front of the world.

When was the last time you got steamed reading an email or text that seemed to have a rude or angry tone? What did you do? Did you wait to calm down and think how to handle it or did you respond with an equally nasty reply that perpetuates more of the same?

In my motivational speeches on how to stand out from the competition, I make a point about how the power of words can be creative or destructive. As an Aussie speaker living in Houston, I share funny personal stories of how words can be easily misinterpreted across the borders. But the same goes for everyone living in today’s multi-cultural society here in America.

Before you click send, before you open your mouth, stop and THINK. Is this communication how you want to be perceived? 

Image isn’t everything, but it’s a whole lot. Just ask The Donald.