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Use These Tennis Tips To Improve Your Conversations (and get what you want)

September 10, 2013
Ever since starting to play tennis two years ago I’ve learned a lot about human behavior and how perfectly normal nice people can turn into competitive monsters on the court.
Nasty habits need to be broken. But first you have to be aware you have them.
Do you tend to fly off the handle if someone 
Serena Williams US Open 2013 
disagrees with you?  
Whether you’re talking to your boss, co-worker or customer, here are four ways to master the art of conversation to get the results you want:
  • Use controlled, deep breathing to stay relaxed and focused.
  • Remain in the present.
  • React to events in a detached, non-judgmental manner.
  • Practice and prepare to perform at your best.

Breathing calms you down when the client says your product isn’t worth the money. Instead of adapting the defensive mode ask questions, discover their needs and sell value vs pushing product.

 NOTE TO SELF: Next time I miss that easy net shot quit doing the angry bird thing and take a deep breath, learn from the mistake and correct it next time around.   

 Game, set, match. 



January 29, 2013
Sloane Stephens

The Australian Open is over.                                           Some dreams were dashed,  others fulfilled.

For 19 year old Sloane Stephens a dream came true.

Can you possibly imagine what it would be like to not only meet your idol but compete against her on the same court while the world watched? What would be going on in your mind?

Mine would be mush with fear.

On the morning that Sloane Stephens was to play against the legendary Serena Williams, she woke up and said to herself: “I can do this”. That’s a bold and fearless attitude for such a young player. And she did. Sloane beat her idol and earned herself a place in the top 20 tennis players of the world. It didn’t matter she didn’t win the Australian Open. She won something more valuable: self confidence.

What’s devil angelYOUR dream? Have you got a bucket list of things you’d like to do? Is there a voice in your head saying why you’ll never accomplish any of them?

In a recent after dinner speech I told the story of how eighteen months ago I walked into the Memorial Park Tennis Center in Houston and asked if they had group lessons. I hadn’t stepped foot on a tennis court for 30 years and I was terrified of making a complete fool of myself…….especially since the other women in the class were all perky young girls of 25.

Do you know how annoying perky young girls are???  They run fast, they jump high, they don’t sweat, puff or pant. Aaaargh!Theresa tennis small!!                                           

Fast forward to now….I’m playing five times/week, having a ball (literally), meeting great new people, feeling vibrantly alive and energetic and those perky young girls are nowhere to be seen.
Watch out for negative self talk. It can cost you life’s most precious gift: Happiness.

Game, set, match.

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