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Funny Stuff Happens When You Mix Up The Generations

August 26, 2015
                                                                              Doing the YMCA thing
Legal waiver: There were no alcoholic beverages involved in the taking of this photo.
This was the scene at a recent conference for the Texas Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus ( where I was the closing keynote speaker. After three days of serious sessions about the travel and tourism industry these folks were ready for some serious fun.
centers around standing out from the crowd to succeed in today’s marketplace and I emphasize points by playing popular songs on the piano. (OK, to be clear…this is not me playing piano with a flaming shoe).
This audience spanned across four generations from Millennials to Baby Boomers and since the client had said there were major challenges working together,
we set out to prove differently.
A key point in the presentation is about innovation.
                                                                                   Great teamwork!
I divided the audience into teams with all four generations in each team and told them to perform the song “Yellow Rose of Texas” in the most creative way possible. The only rule was to listen to ideas from each generation.
OMG! Talk about funny! Talk about creativity at it’s best! Old song, new interpretation, impressive results.
For this group of destination marketers we discussed how to make their area shine by highlighting unique and exciting things to do and see. One idea was to feature the colorful Hispanic culture with its lively energetic music, so we ended the program with reps from each generation on stage banging tambourines in tempo to a popular Spanish song. Olay! Oh yay!
                                                  Audience members participating in the music of ‘Malaguena’
Who says the generations can’t work together?
This is where you hear crickets…

Living Life Out Loud!

April 24, 2012

How’s your health these days? Do you have lots of energy? When you wake up estandingach morning do you look forward to the day ahead?

As a professional speaker helping people to excel in today’s stressful world, I’m booked alot within the healthcare industry and there are some common denominators worth noting in people living vibrant healthy lives. My happy self included.
1. Positive attitude
Blah, blah, blah…we’ve all heard this a gazillion times but the truth is everything starts in the mind. Did you know that being open to learn new things can keep you young? (and it’s cheaper than a face lift)
Last week I spoke to a ‘mature’ group ranging from age 70 – 95 years old that blew me away with their zest for life and the energy of a 40 year old. Most of them knew how to email because they’d attended computer classes, some were absent ‘coz they’re still globe trotting, others were taking courses at the local university and all of them were living life out loud.
Awesome attitudes. Awesome place (The Buckingham Houston, Texas)
2. Pursue your passion
Is there something you’d love to do but think you don’t have time? Think again. Time is running out and ahem, you’re not getting any younger. I didn’t think I had time to play tennis in between speaking, writing, marketing, playing piano, volunteering and socializing. Now I’m totally addicted to the game, playing five times/week looking and feeling better than ever. In my audience last week were people who paint amazing artwork, swim every day, travel, raise trees, play poker and are excited about life. How about you?
3. People
Living a happy healthy life takes more than just you. Social interaction with other people keeps your mind active and your spirits up. Isolation can lead to depression and a miriad of other illnesses.
The group last week were a great example of how people flourish with friends to talk to.
My life is blessed with wonderful people and one in particular that I call my everyday friend. Talking to her about victories, challenges and plain ol’ scoop takes the stress out of my day and gives me a innate feeling of peace knowing someone out there cares (such is the thinking of a single gal whose Prince has yet to ask for directions to her door)
Living life out loud doesn’t cost a large fortune. It takes a small change of mind.